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In the event you rent a vehicle during your travels in Egypt? In case you have spoken to people who have driven in Egypt, they may show you that driving There exists regarded as an “Excessive Activity.

Before you opt to lease your car, make sure that you reflect on the need of it.

Renting an automobile can guarantee that you have much more adaptability and liberty throughout your travels.

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but Remember that driving an auto in Egypt, and notably Eagle Organization is probably very distinctive from what you are accustomed to!

Renting a car in Egypt

You will find benefits and drawbacks to renting an auto in Egypt.

In case you are heading cross-state, driving a rental vehicle guarantees you will get a lovely scenic journey so you can enjoy the stunning landscapes at your personal leisure.


for those who run into a location you like when driving, getting your own private automobile provides the freedom to make unforeseen stops.

Most vacationers will, on the other hand, show you that traffic in Egypt is difficult to get about in, especially in Cairo, and that driving isn't for the faint of heart!

Costs and principles

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Leasing a small auto will set you back somewhere around $twenty-40 USD each day, additionally insurance policy. The price of gasoline in Egypt is somewhere around $6 USD per gallon.

Your very best selection is to select a four-wheel push, especially if you are masking extended distances, but leasing a truck or jeep might be pricey.

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Many auto rental businesses have rigorous principles dictating the spots in which the rented motor vehicle is permitted to generate. You'll want to why not try here ensure you Look at your car if you to start with receive it: Be aware any dents or scratches. Also ensure you have your compulsory initially-support package, along with a spare tire that fits – just in the event!

To lease an auto in Cairo, the least required age of the motive force is 23-25 several years outdated. As is the situation in the majority of international locations, youthful drivers need to assume added expenses.

So as to lease a vehicle in Egypt you will want a credit card.

a sound Global driver’s license for visitors, along with your passport.

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